iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus Best Smartphone Test

iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus Best Smartphone Test


  1. Alexandre Martineau says:


  2. i hate how everyone has the iphone 4s im mean look on tv everybody has it

  3. leekzitheopone says:

    @sluilxo yes. this is really fantastic. And, i really got shocked when i receive my iphone kit without any dime @ my home yesterday. i found it here >>>

  4. I moved from 4s to galaxy nexus and still don’t regret it

  5. DragonPupEclipse says:

    What phone do u think the best?

  6. DragonPupEclipse says:

    what phone do you think is the best?

  7. khairulikhwan43 says:

    Apple only have the same iphone and ipad and many more but android you have different brands

  8. ToDamnFunny1982 says:

    No really, Apple is for dumbshits who think it’s “the best in the world” Android has been putting an ass kicking to Apple for a bit now. Another phone, another ass kicking.

  9. 948Productions says:

    No, iPhone’s are for professional people looking for a simple user interface, not for dumbasses who think Apple rules the world. If you honestly think that, you don’t need a fucking phone…

  10. 948Productions says:

    iSheep logic; I hate Android, because I know nothing about it and it does not have a Retina display… Apple is the best, clearly because they’re too close-minded to try anything else. And if anyone doesn’t have one, they’re poor and homeless.

    How fucking pathetic is that, calling someone poor because they pick Android over iOS..

    I’ve had both, and honestly I dislike iOS because everything is locked down and limited. It’s Apple’s phone, not your phone..

  11. great i like galaxy

  12. namsmakergodt says:

    People who TRY to look rich has an iphone. Android is for those apple failed to brainwash

  13. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    If you like stupid restrictions and boring 4×4 grid interfaces then sure I like iOS too lol

  14. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    Right? Most Android phones takes very good shots, some are as good as the iPhone 4s and some aren’t, like I said if I was that anal about the quality of my pictures I’d go with a dedicated professional camera, my Atrix 2 is fine for now lol

  15. JustBerard says:

    its funny how the only way they can defend the iphone 4s from the nexus is “oh the camera isnt as good” classy isheep :p

  16. sahil khan says:

    iloveiphone 4s not plasticy samsng

  17. SuperFish40 says:

    I have iphone and nexus 7 tab. both OS are awesome in different ways so fuck you all

  18. Ms1325465 says:

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  19. alex14469 says:

    iPhone is a beautifully built device. I used to have an iPhone 4 but for some reason it had wi-fi issues to the point where it would find less then half on the wi-fi networks then my iPod touch 4th gen that I bought prior to that. Currently I am using the Galaxy Nexus

  20. TheMusketITuckedIt says:

    You have seen the light, good for you. No go spread the word to your other brainwashed friends.

  21. Firgomez91 says:

    It fits on how you want the features to fit your needs..just don’t follow the physical of the phone…but nexus is my fav 🙂

  22. TheWp7pro says:

    Apple is structured. In many ways the way the iPhone looks is the way iOS is.. Plain.. Clean.. Utilitarian. Some like that, others don’t. Plain and simple. I’m an Android guy.

  23. AllDayEverieDay says:

    Currently I have the iPhone 4s, I had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus previously due to some troubles with the hardware on the phone. I honestly say that it all matters on your needs, I love both phones but the one that best fit my needs was the iPhone 4s (the battery, easy to go through things, etc.) even though I clearly know the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has better U/I as people say. But we are all different and there wont be one phone will fit our different needs.

  24. armishlatif78 says:

    I have apple and i am trying to instal gta 3

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