Motorola Devour Android Smartphone Unboxing

Motorola Devour Android Smartphone Unboxing


  1. RWhizzy97 says:

    Can you download apps on this phone? and is it 3G capable?

  2. darrrienk says:

    follow me on twitter hellobrad123

  3. ThePLANBSKATER2010 says:

    my home screen does not look like that it just has shortcuts and apps plz write back and lt me know how to change it plz and thanks

  4. 07liberian says:

    You Should Review The Nokia N900
    It’s Sooooo Much Better Than The iPhone 4 It’s Ridiculous,
    But Since You Are A Real Apple Fanboy You May Not Appreciate How Much Better The N900 Is Than The iPhone.

  5. this phone looks pretty good, i’m thinking about trading my chocolate touch for it. oh and in the description it says this phone is for AT&T 😛

  6. officialpresspoppel says:

    milestona is more beautiful

  7. Mainkiller271 says:

    I totally agree with u I’ve had the IPhone 1st generation, The 3G, The 3GS and they all destroyed any other phone that came out at the time. Also my Iphone 4 is coming in the mail, so I hope that will be good even though people have been talking about the connection problems . One last thing. Can you do a review on the Iphone 4. If you have already made a review can you send me the link.

  8. kloklo12389 says:

    but desire destroys iphone..

  9. ozzytonygeezerbill says:

    apparently this and the original DROID are not going to be sold for much longer

  10. johnthomascogle says:

    have u seen the new tmobile Samsung Vibrant??

  11. PoeticShadow says:

    Why do you always discriminate on android and always up the iphone? I want to see you compare a Nexus and a iPhone4.

  12. not bad phone

  13. MadDogMeh says:

    Gearlive, do you have any idea when the iPhone 4 is coming to Canada? I know its not related to this video, but I was just wondering :p

  14. 123partypooper says:

    sexy looking

  15. iPhone destroys it. This is just more of a text messaging device if anything.

  16. snwalters97 says:

    You should do the Motorola i1 the one that boost mobile came out with .

  17. jbdadizzle says:

    what do you do with all these items???

  18. samgoddam says:

    compared to the iphone how good is it? on first glance

  19. MohammeddKhan says:

    You’re so late on these video’s. This phone came out so long ago lol.

  20. 1XxENGxX1 says:


  21. Let us know if you have any questions about the Devour.


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