E-Bay 4″ Multi-Touch Android 4.0 Smart Phone Dual SIM WIFI Unlocked AT&T T-Mobile MTK6515 MT6515

E-Bay 4


  1. pckilla187 says:

    whatsapp can be ran on it, may be a bit slow or lag at times, no sim card comes with it, u can use an app like textgold to get a number that u can use over wifi,

  2. nicoredars says:

    Please one more question… Does viber and whatsapp can work if the phone got no sim card?
    I mean do I can made viber or whatsapp work with a fake number and without sim card included in the phone?

  3. pckilla187 says:

    I believe so

  4. nicoredars says:

    So it only for usa users?

  5. pckilla187 says:

    Its unlocked. But only works for att and tmobile.

  6. nicoredars says:

    It can be unlocked to work for another sim card? or it can’t unlock to any other?

  7. nicoredars says:

    Does this work with “maroc telecom” sim card? please reply

  8. pckilla187 says:

    It can .but it may lag or run a bit slow.those phone only has 256 mb of ram.

  9. Suzanne Krone says:

    can you use instagram; snapchat; other apps that you could find on other smartphones

  10. pckilla187 says:

    Tmobile and att sim ca r ds work with it. It came with to games subway runner and ninja fruit. U have to use an sdcard for more storage. The 70 mbs free a is not much. I installed angry birds on it ran it good aside from lagging a bit in certain areas.and that was after I transfered the app to my sdcard. Newer games never loaded. Apps with out that much cpu riquierments ran good.

  11. pckilla187 says:

    Yes tmobile eorks with it.

  12. pckilla187 says:

    It only has 256 mb of storage and 256 of ram . Well this phone does..

  13. Talani Moore says:

    does a tmobile sim card work in the phone

  14. Talani Moore says:

    i would like to no more about the phone then u showing me it tell me about the picture in how is it.

  15. what do you mean transfer the apps to SD before you run them? does the phone not have enough memory to run any sort of apps? i just ordered one and im waiting for it to come in, and i dont wanna get it and hate it becuz it doesnt run correctly.

  16. pckilla187 says:

    Should work. It’ a msg app, so ywahRemembeif u get it to transfer it to ur sdcard before u run the app.
    This will increase speed.
    When u get it , If u get it remember to let us know of it worked ok

  17. Valeria Rob says:

    Sopport Whatsapp?

  18. Nice. Dont forget to transfer your apps to sd before you run them.
    When you get it please leave a small review here please.

  19. Barbara Rhodes says:

    im gettint this phone pretty soon:)

  20. It has 2 cameras a 1.3 mp back . A .3 mp cam in front.

  21. Does it has a flip camera like an IPhone

  22. pckilla187 says:

    Yes it does. That’s what I had in it

  23. Anton Kuzminov says:

    Does a T-mobile sim card fit in this?

  24. pckilla187 says:

    This phone will be good. Basic need for a phone. And it looks modern

  25. Dashawn Raysor says:

    I just bough my mom this phone for her b-day I wanted to get her something that’s not too updated and not to out of date I feel like this phone is in the middle great gift for a family member or friend


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