T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Review- The Best Budget smartphone of 2013

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Review- The Best Budget smartphone of 2013


  1. no flash on the camera….everything else is perfect….but that bugged me alot.

  2. no

  3. i have the same problem

  4. iFilipino95 says:


  5. it doesn’t have a front camera 🙁 but it should be good for playing games XD

  6. is there a lockscreen

  7. show us how to use the music

  8. Sergio Cervantes says:

    What do I do

  9. Sergio Cervantes says:

    My nokia isn’t charging

  10. Transporterzak says:

    I’m having trouble viewing picture messages. All the options I get is to “get media content now”. I press it but I can’t see picture. Any help?

  11. Jennifer Jeanlouis says:

    can you use snap chat ?

  12. Does it have vine, tumblr or twitter??

  13. does it has a front facing camera?

  14. MrNarutoSwag says:

    It’s a Douche bag! FUCK!

  15. Alejandro Blue says:

    It´s a nigger! Fuck!

  16. Troy Martin says:

    hows the call quality? like for phone calls(besides drops) how does it sound when someone talks to you back? 

  17. So far I’m liking it but I find the audio stream quality thru bluetooth horrible sounds almost like a AM station with static anyone else notice this with stereo bluetooth headsets

  18. Patrick Hansen says:

    Can it play Crimson Dragon: Side Story?

  19. Carlos Lopez says:

    Which gift cards would to buy to use ok the App Store?

  20. nope

  21. yep

  22. Connor McMillin says:

    coming from a droid 4 would I hate or like this phone?

  23. bubblegummouse says:

    Or you can always get the phone at at&t lmao

  24. can it go on instagram ?

  25. Kel Michelle says:

    I am in love with this phone.
    Pay day can not come fast enough…


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