Motorola Moto E Smartphone Review @Motorola

Motorola Moto E Smartphone Review @Motorola


  1. Aishwar Babber says:

    sir which is better Moto E or Lumia 525 ??

  2. Dave Cryer says:

    Look what under £100 can buy you nowadays … Motorola Moto E Smartphone
    Review Motorola Moto E Smartphone Review @Motorola <<--Please Share +Motorola Mobility +Motorola Brasil +Motorola Argentina +Motorola Colombia +Motorola Australia +Motorola UK 

  3. Chris Wotton says:

    Nice Review Dave.

  4. Devilishly Deviant says:

    This looks like a great phone for someone looking to get started in the
    smartphone world. It’s amazing how cheap this technology is becoming 🙂 

  5. Martin Ellis says:

    Great as always. May i make one suggestion tho? You mentioned the keyboard
    lag, but didn’t show it? An example would have been very useful. Thanks

  6. shavenhaven1 says:

    Its hands down the best smartphone in the world at this price, nothing else
    under £100 even gets close, this is also true of the moto g and its price

  7. James Gamble says:


  8. perfectforehand says:

    I see where Motorola are going with this: Moto G, then Moto E, then another
    Moto E, then a Moto K, then finally: the Moto GEEK

  9. sydjaguar says:

    Samsung needs to learn from Motorola. The build quality and UI of this
    “budget ” phone surpasses all the Galaxy crap. I love android but I hate
    how Samsung package their product.

  10. Peter Westerlund says:

    I miss the unboxings

  11. ME GUSTA GAMING says:

    great video Dave (first comment from fan)

  12. Dave Cryer says:

    It is amazing what a budget smartphone can do nowadays … Motorola Moto E
    Smartphone Review Motorola Moto E Smartphone Review @Motorola <<--Please Share 

  13. chrisdste30 says:

    Come on now then Dave, I’d guessed by now that GsmArena are a Rival website
    to that of your’s Geekanoids! It’s only knowledge for the potential
    customers or consumers to do their own research about on which Smartphones
    they wants to buy or not!!!

  14. chrisdste30 says:

    As from 2014 in the UK 3G only smartphones handsets only have about a
    limited future proof life span mainly due to the fact of 4G LTE is here in
    the UK now on average these days
    Please check out these websites for the current status of UK 4G LTE: and

  15. Darren Gator says:

    Pretty good phone for the price. Budget phones are getting better now,
    since a lot of people cannot afford or justify the price of flagship phones
    it is good to see some phone makers improving the budget side of their
    products. Awesome review Dave.

  16. Sven Roeseler says:

    Another great review. The Moto E seems very likely to my existing Moto G.
    But the biggest advantage is the extensibility. This is what I’m missing at
    my Moto G. I mean I can life with the internal RAM of my Moto G (8 GB
    variant). But sometimes it would not bad to have more for music. And since
    the Moto E seems to have only 4 GB it is required to expand the storage. So
    I will have a closer look to it. Maybe it can replace to Moto G in near
    future 😀 BTW, the internal camera is enough for me. Mostly I use it to
    take snapshots for Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For better photos
    I’m using an older, but still sufficient Olymus E-420 :)

  17. Pratik Apte says:

    Great Review as always. This is really a great and the best budget phone
    out there ! :)

  18. Geekanoids says:

    Motorola Moto E Smartphone Review #MotoE #Motorola #Smartphone

  19. chrisdste30 says:

    Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo in 2014. Not Lenevo in 2013! Oops
    sorry for the typo.

  20. Hironori Narushima says:

    There is the perfect size phone for me. Because I really hope one hand
    control any operation.

  21. Mike McGeorge says:

    Great review Dave, this is an excellent budget smartphone, well worth

  22. anniya znote says:

    Does it have a front facing camera?

  23. Alex Choco says:

    Here’s the Specs guys:
    1.2GHz Dual Core SnapDragon 200
    1GB of RAM
    4GB of Storage (MicroSD a Card slot too)
    4.3″ qHD Display (540×960)
    5MP Fixed-Focus Camera (no LED Flash)
    1980 mAh Battery

  24. Ashiq Shaikh says:

    Ya Dave really it is a great budget phone . I have also test this phone and
    I was surprise with this phone BTW Great review .

  25. chrisdste30 says:

    There are also dual Sim variant versions of the Motorola Moto E and Moto G
    too as well.


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