Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4 Inch Smartphone Unboxing & Overview

Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4 Inch Smartphone Unboxing & Overview


  1. Nexus DNEXUS says:

    Hey plz tell me how to root this
    I m diyaing to root my xperia z2

  2. Nexus DNEXUS says:

    Hey plz tell me how to root this
    I m diyaing to root my xperia z2

  3. DragonSkaterOfFabuluosness1969 says:


  4. akhil shaik says:

    mobile is good but only problem is not having led flash..why it is not
    having flash it is more than 40000 naaa….?? what is the cause i want to
    know it?

  5. John Henderson says:

    Its 6.3 inch not 6.4

  6. st.clair mac aulay says:

    it will not turn on after the first day of having this phone 

  7. Aiswarya Nair says:
  8. sivaprasad chowdary muppaneni says:
  9. Ranjit Kumar says:
  10. Ridam Singh says:

    sir is samsung galaxy note 1 (previous than note 2) is still a smart buy at

  11. Prince Rulz says:

    There is no led flash. Is this a deal breaker. Please reply

  12. Prabz Rage says:

    cheeee soooo huge

  13. The only thing stopping me from buying it is Sonys software thrown over

  14. TheMightyHarihar says:

    No it isn’t, it gets android updates unlike other phones.

  15. Your Dimaag has gone ‘Chennai Express’ or what shahrukh bhai?….. Nexus 4
    will be the only phone to get all the latest android updates faster than
    any other manufacturer….Partharaja Saab!

  16. Oishik Sarkar says:

    Hope We will get full in depth review of this very soon…

  17. Sir they have already come out with a super phone for 29k. Have you heard
    about the “oppo find 5”, If not check it out!

  18. 陳 正賢 says:

    this phone are doesn’t have flash light

  19. Dan The Man says:


  20. sir i’m using my samsung grand quattro…is there any ways to check if my
    battery is going fine???? i know all android phones doesnt long much…but
    in case i feel it drains a lot compared to other high end devices 🙂 ty
    geeky 🙂

  21. MD Shadaab says:

    Hi, Sir I love the way you do the unboxing videos it is just so simple and
    clear and makes it very easy to understand what is the exact product and
    the neatness you maintain while showing impresses a lot. Please keep it up.
    I am using SONY XPERIA Z from past 5 months and I have not faced any issue
    such as overheating with games or anything like that I am fully satisfied
    with the battery backup too. I am requesting you to do the unboxing of
    GOOGLE NEXUS 7 (2nd generation) as soon as it comes.

  22. Gauravjot Garaya says:

    sir plz reply

  23. malikking84 says:

    Hey what about iberry Auxus Nuclea N1

  24. Not in terms of software lol in terms of hardware….it is 720p with s4 pro
    when phones are coming with 1080p panels and better processors…its camera
    is also crap and glass cracks due to heat (many users have faced this
    problem and lg is not covering it under warranty) nexus 4 is a crap

  25. Geekyranjit says:

    Build quality is good I have dropped my S4 about 4 times flat during the
    last 3 months and it still works fine no dents or scratches, the S4 is my
    primary phone and I am satisfied with it, things I don’t like are it’s
    plastic body and looks like every other Samsung phone.


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