BLU Studio 5.0 C HD Quad Core – Unlocked Cell Phone – (Pink)

Beautiful design and a powerful performance, the Studio 5.0C HD, enhanced with Android 4.4 Kit Kat featuring a 5.0″ HD display for viewing pleasure, powerful 1.3 GHz Quad Core processing for fast response and a great 8MP camera.

$ 130.45


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent value! Your cheap phone doesn’t have to look or feel cheap!, August 10, 2014

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    This review is from: BLU Studio 5.0 C HD Quad Core – Unlocked Cell Phone – (Pink) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I ordered the phone a couple days ago and my initial impressions are that this is a very nice phone for the money. I previously owned a Moto G, and this is similar in terms of quality.

    Initial impressions:
    1) The phone is VERY pink. Not unpleasantly so, but much more PINK than the iPhone 5C, for example. The boldness of the pink is muted somewhat by the enclosed TPU case. The case fits well and is included free.
    2) The enclosed screen protector is of poor quality. I will wait until another company makes one and then add one. Without one, the screen does collect fingerprints fairly easily. come armed with a microfiber cloth if this bothers you.
    3) Text, movies, etc all look nice on the phone, and it is pleasant to hold. It is weighty enough to feel “not cheap,” but not heavy enough to feel HEAVY.
    4)Dual sims were easy to assign/manage
    5) The camera takes surprisingly good pictures! There are also several settings and modes available from within the app.

    These are initial impressions. I will update the review in a few days to give an opinion on battery life.

    Hope this helps someone!

    So far, battery life appears to be low average. Keep in mind that this is with very moderate use. I don’t play games,and I don’t really stream a lot of music or videos. You should be able to get through the day with basic use. If you stream music or play a bunch of games, pack a charger.

    The phone ships with pretty much stock Android. There is no Google Now in the launcher when swiping to the right, though. A few curious inclusions, given the lack of space: the olden-day Android browser as well as Chrome. The old stock SMS app in addition to Hangouts. You’d think they’d leave the former items off when space is at a premium. Blessedly, though, most non-essentials are left off of this, and most everything works with very little lag.I am using a third-party launcher and everything works well.

    Someone asked about dual sims: I am pairing a Lycamobile voice PAYGO sim (I make very few calls)with a Red Pocket $10/1gb data sim to get service for roughly $12/mo. The ability to do this increases this phone’s value tremendously. In the US, most of us are unfamiliar with this setup. I am around Wifi most of the day, so 1gb/mo is sufficient for me. This phone offers users the flexibility of truly shopping around for service, and the ability to mix and match carriers for the best value. The sims are standard (mini) sim card sized sims…not the micro sims many new phones are currently using.


    I am very happy with the phone. It works just as well as many other more expensive phones I’ve owned…no issues at all during this time. One other point: I **never drop my phones. Three days ago, it was in my sweater pocket and fell out, about 3 feet down, screen first, onto a hard ceramic tile floor!!!! I was certain it was toast. I picked it up, turned it over…and not a scratch!!!So, I can say definitively that it is durable, too!!


    I can definitively recommend the phone. I have had zero issues over the last month. Everything works as it should, and for the price, you really can’t beat it — especially when you figure in the functionality of using dual sims from different carriers to price out calls/texts/data. The only negative, and it’s certainly a minor one, has been the fingerprint issue. Oh my goodness, does the screen collect prints. This was marginally improved with a screen protector.
    BE AWARE: Amazon is lumping reviews of this phone (5.0C HD)in with the product page for the Mini version also, which has a smaller, less crisp screen, lesser camera, etc. Another reviewer in the comments section pointed this out, so I thought I would highlight that info here. Be careful with which phone you are purchasing!


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  2. Chris Miller "IdoNotes" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Better than expected at an amazing price. A great buy., September 3, 2014
    Chris Miller “IdoNotes” (Missouri) –

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    From the moment I opened the box I knew we had a winner. A dual sim, unlocked phone with an almost non-modified Kit Kat version of Android. That right there would cost you hundreds more in most phones. BUt the pricing on this made me skeptical until I did some real world testing

    Included are the wall charger, USB cable, headphones (with additionally sized ear pieces) and even a camera case. The phone case itself is a sturdy plastic that did not feel cheap.

    Battery life:
    I basically got a full day or normal usage. Once or twice i needed a small charge to finish the day. You will need to charge this nightly if you are a casual user.

    I liked the almost raw, stripped down Android loaded on the phone. Adding apps worked as expected from Google Play. I did have an issue with a couple higher end graphics games or ones that needed a lot of horsepower to run, but I expected that in the specs so I don’t count it against the phone. I know what I was getting into and you should have the same expectation. This works great with all the social apps (Facebook, Twittter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc).

    The camera did a great job at 8MP in normal daylight and dusk. I wish the flash setting was a bit better, but once again it performed well. The front camera did good on video chat over wifi when you have lighting around. Almost all phones are only 2MP on the front camera so this is very comparable. The 1080p recording was fine but make sure to use the external microSd card for the reasons I mention below.

    The dual sim cards is such a treat to have. I loaded a few test networks in (make sure to know what is supported and isn’t) and was able to use the SIM switcher app easily. I really think this is the way phones should be offered. Unlocked with the ability to run a normal everyday SIM card and one that is pay-as-you-go swappable with a few swipes and clicks. Your phone carrier may not work everywhere while another will. I think this is great for business users that travel and definitely international users.

    Keep in mind that this is not LTE speeds do do not get mad when things are a bit faster than 3G but not blazing fast to do. it is well stated that this supports HSPA+ only on the networks.

    The internal memory is small but the 32GB microSD card slot (card not included) makes loading apps and media easy. Some apps will not run from the SD card so keep that in mind. Space on the device itself is not huge but once again, great for everyday users and apps.

    Wifi, Bluetooth, the FM radio and the hotspot mode work fine. I had no problems or expectations on them that was not met.

    This is a great phone for the college student, young kid as a starter phone or one that you won’t worry about when traveling (for both the cost and ability to run different networks). The pricing of this as an unlocked phones makes it something you just greatly consider!

    See the video for more!


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  3. Julian Zepeda says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Researched like crazy to buy this phone….not let down., August 11, 2014

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    This review is from: BLU Studio 5.0 C HD Quad Core – Unlocked Cell Phone – (Pink) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Had it for like four days. Previous phone was an HTC 8x from T-Mobile.
    Okay, I was running on an Alcatel one touch evolve for the past 3 months since my 8x decided to brick on me….I researched all the possible unlocked ‘budget phones’ I could get for a reasonable amount of money. I saw the moto g, the L90, the oneplus one, even an old S3. Then came along BLU…..the phone that intrigued me the most was the life 8 for its processor and nice specs….but then I heard about the studio 5.0c HD…..50$ less, slower processor but otherwise similar specs. I bought it expecting decent performance considering the lack of notoriety of the manufacturer. Boy was I wrong! This phone has excelled in practically everything I’ve thrown at it so far. Both cameras are light years away from any budget phone…the quad core processor works more than well with KitKat(I have not tried out games)…HSDPA speeds serve my social media needs just fine….and it came with a cool case, earphones and a workable screen protector. I don’t think I could of thought of a better off contract 150$ phone. Thank you BLU….so far, of course.

    P.s. the only con that keeps it from being rated 5 stars is the battery life and facial unlock….other than those minor chinks….definitely a moto g killer.


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