Sony DSC-QX10 DSC-QX10/B In-depth Review Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera

Sony DSC-QX10 DSC-QX10/B In-depth Review Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera


  1. Danny Delgado says:

    What is the wifi password are they all the same . I lost mine

  2. LOL!!!

  3. I bought one of these this week for a price of 69 Euro’s as I was fed up
    with the cam quality of my Moto G phone and i must say it is a great little
    device. It is rather quick with the wifi connection (after the first
    pairing) and it shoots great pictures. A lot better then the MotoG cam.
    I’ve just put firmware 3.0 on it maybe that’s what makes it a lot faster.
    And for that price I could not let it go, it’s a winner! 

  4. muhammad asdim says:


  5. camaroone123 says:

    Thanks. There is a Version 2 Firmware Update from Sony that has a lot of

  6. felix salinas says:

    I bought the camera but it does not work with Samsung Galaxy s4 and they
    just don’t get •﹏• it 

  7. what an horrible product, seriously! no aperture nor exposure control, huge
    shutter lag, uses wi-fi instead of bluetooth and/or nfc, poor battery
    performance, extremely poor software configuration, 4:3 instead of 16:9,
    expensive as hell $250… wow they’ve just beat the record of mistakes..
    like you said, it feels very beta, judging by the number of mistakes it
    really is a beta, except it’s not a free ride and they are charging for
    it.. honestly i would return this shitty product and ask for a refund.

    Steam Software Early Access reflecting in real life products? How far
    society as a whole is from buying a beta car? then a beta house..
    essentially a beta life. Damn i hate this.

  8. Lon Seidman says:
  9. Dudeius Mannigast says:

    about it feeling like a beta… okey sure BUT its one of the first
    camlenses to smartphones made… it would be like saying the T-ford felt
    like a beta when it first was made! (theres not many competing about this
    market right now)

    on innovation it still gets two thumbs up imo :)

  10. Dudeius Mannigast says:

    on a serious review they would have pointed out that “the arms” on the
    mount can expand up to 3 inches wide… but in this one? no, he shows it by
    pulling them out, BUT as a viewer i have no clue how far that is! (even
    when pointing out about what phone model that could possible fit inside)

    if he would have done his homework… on reviewing stuff he would have
    opened and read the manual (on the QX10 theres not alot to read)…all of
    it as a first thing (and by doing so he would have found out there’s a
    password on the inside of the battery lid as well… did he do that? no,
    but still do good by pointing out that you should take a picture of the
    password, if for some reason the cameras battery lid gets lost (also it’s
    attached to the camera so it would of course also mean the camera got lost
    with the password…)

    there seem to be lag and slow response time…. yes it seems like that BUT
    not only have sony released a firmware update (from 1.0 to 2.0) can be
    found on sonys homepage (… but on many reviews where the
    person testing this product deside to bring that up… they have almost
    exclusivly been using a iPhones…. i do own a old xperia S phone (2yrs
    old) and so far i have had no disconnections, no crashes, no slow transfers
    with my QX10 (the NFC works well too)… what i wanted to have said is
    this, instead of placing all blame on the lens…. how about placing some
    on the phone being used… maybe there’s lots of apps running in the
    background slowing things down? who know! but those things do mather!..
    also making sure you got the latest PlayMemories Mobil app version too
    before reviewing the product… but i do agree sony could add stuff in the
    app i believe.

    there’s not many controls in the app! thats right. you may not know this
    but the QX10 is NOT a proffessional camera..nor was it been out on the
    market for a long time! keep that in mind! updates are released from time
    to time just like most other apps. stability and functions will become
    improved over time. just like with most applications… also the diffrence
    with the pre-set photomodes are how it takes the photos. the mode at the
    top of the two (as shown in the app) takes a single photo. the mode in the
    middle takes between 3 and 5 pictures in short time and combine them into a
    “better” picture (this mode takes alittle bit longer time than the first
    pre-set mode but the photo comes out better imo)

    about bluetooth 4.0….. the idea is good but it still suffers from other
    factors. one being that if the phone its only connected to has bluetooth
    3.0 then it would only transfer pictures in 3.0 speed (making the transfer
    slower) perhaps much slower than with the wifi today…but in the future i
    do see it as a possibility!

    another good thing would be if sony would make a “on/off” button in the app
    to turn the phones flash light on/off. 8making it possible to take pictures
    where its no light at all.

    the firmware 2.0 i think fixed the camera so it can now shoot videos in
    1920x1080p in 30fps.

    a 32gb card will hold about 4500 pictures…. so no moster microSD sized
    cards are really needed.

  11. RelliKs ReliCs says:

    Great review I do hope this product gets better as I do think its a cool
    idea. I saw there is the QX 100 for twice the price I wonder what the
    difference is and if they fix any of the problems that you talked about in
    the QX 10?


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