Nokia X Dual Sim Android 4 Smartphone, Hands on Review and Box

Nokia X Dual Sim Android 4 Smartphone, Hands on Review and Box


  1. Aditya Shinde says:

    this fone should be good for my mom

  2. iGyaan handles the new Nokia X Dual Sim Android 4 Smartphone

  3. Jaysann22 says:

    This looks like some kind of cheap Chinese knock off….. :/

  4. Muneeb Siddiqui says:

    Does Nokia X support Whatsaap , Instagram & Kik….????
    Pls reply me as soon as possible

  5. Ronak Thakor says:

    Nokia should make more great android smartphones nokia can beat samsung by
    making android phones. Samsung is famous for it’s android phones. when
    there is no android nokia rules in india and now it can be aging no.1 with

  6. can move or install apps on microsd? because i try and it work only for
    “here maps” ; the phone has 2 partition “phone storage” and “internal
    storage” , i put inside a microSD 32 GB , he see it but when i try to move
    or install apps – it shows only 2nd partition “internal storage” – the
    memory its to small only 1 Gb ; if someone knows pls tell me ; tks

  7. amitparuthi123 says:

    haha, its run hybrid of the andriod itself,, its run forked andriod,
    neither andriod nor window, 75% compatible running apps,

    this article will tell you why not being stupid and buy other phone for
    best android experience.

  8. Nixon Abraham says:

    please review asha 230

  9. Himangshu Kashyap says:

    come on.. please review the LG L90

  10. Dhruv Chauhan says:

    Get some benchmarks test on this device and plz review moto x….

  11. Vinit Kadam says:

    Please upload full review of tekfusion twinwoofers earphones( without mic).

  12. Sanchit Sharma says:

    its listed on flipkart for 7236 rs :P

  13. Arman Malik says:

    Samsung galaxy s duos 2

    is better 5 Mp camera with flash

    712 mb Ram

  14. Shafi Labba says:

    hey … , Bharat .. Pls do some more reviews on Canvas Knight … Pls Man
    .. Iam Waiting for your Reviews…!!!

  15. partha samadder says:

    Good phone …

  16. Aishwar Babber says:

    Hey Bharat please review lumia 525 …

  17. Naman Saxena says:

    Does the phone performance is good on comparing with lumia 525….as now
    thers no shortage of apps….but its performance all that matters…

  18. Murshid dar says:

    1:10 it is dual also has 2 sim support.:P

  19. One of the worst phones ever…

  20. eftis green says:

    in this phone are you able to change wallpaper ?

  21. Ronak Thakor says:

    2:27 to 2:35 can’t slide…;D

  22. tech helper says:

    sorry dude but can you be a little loud and and a bit slow ? 

  23. great camera skills great intro great accent perfect perfect perfect
    brother the best indian tech channel i have ever seen.


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