The Most Affordable Smartphone: The Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile Unboxing

The Most Affordable Smartphone: The Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile Unboxing


  1. What i dont like about a Nokia is that it doesnt have a youtube app like on
    an android phone

  2. Derrik Hull says:

    Do you need the SIM CARD or not it does say to activate? im buying this
    phone tomorrow at walmart for 99 bucks

  3. torrence Owens says:

    This phone outs lower then $60 now if you order it off wal-mart wedsite.

  4. its $80 now at walmart

  5. arnold kathan says:

    how do u put the sim card in?

  6. Theresa Melton says:

    I love this phone!! It has great features I would recommend this to others if your looking for a Windows phone

  7. The speaker is very loud an clear I have a video from mine 🙂 it’s awesome
    phone very durable, I think the speaker has either a amplifier or a
    subwoofer built in.

  8. its very light crap

  9. Finger nails


  10. Soniya Sarkar says:

    Dont buy, save money.

  11. that black sponge thing on the back cover is not wireless charging. that
    just there to hold the battery in place

  12. AngelDRose says:

    Does it come with the airtime minutes out of the box? Or do I have to pay
    extra for that?

  13. If I want to use this phone to join my families T-Mobil plan, can T-Mobil
    use the SIM card in the box or do I have to purchase a SIM from the family
    plan provider?

  14. Cimorelli Life says:

    i have that phone i like it!!!!! but i dont kno how to get apps so can u
    make a video please and if u check my channel i dont have an unboxing video
    of that phone but i have one of my old phone so yeah

  15. Russell Rutledge says:

    to get apps u need a microsoft account

  16. Did you know that it offers World GSM bands and if you unlock it you can
    use it overseas. 

  17. Indescribable Enigma says:

    so this is like a budget version of nokia lumia 520???

  18. Oki Repsol says:

    Shit. must buy that phone!

  19. Chris Tibbs says:

    To get the 30 dollar plan you would have to already owned the phone you
    cant just buy the phone at the store and get that plan it doesn’t work that
    way unfortunetly

  20. ericmci900 says:

    1ghz – Dual core- not single.

  21. OpaqueObject47 says:

    I think so

  22. Before you call some one idiot learn how to spell and learn that i dont use
    these gay ass phone you fuckin prick okay raul fagpez so shut the fuck up
    and comment ur question on the phone you no life faggot

  23. $99 now at walmart O.O

  24. SuperLiberatedmind says:

    480 buyyyy ummm! ?

  25. Bill Williamson says:

    No. Locked to T-Mobile.


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