Lenovo Unboxed: VIBE X Smartphone

Lenovo Unboxed: VIBE X Smartphone


  1. LASER-ENGRAVED finish, great cameras & a big Gorilla Glass-strong display.
    Our Vibe X smartphone gets unboxed here.

  2. The camera on Lenovo phones isn’t very good. Especially in low light. 

  3. Isn’t the advantage of USB OTG that you can connect it to say a thumbdrive
    or card reader and access the data on it?

  4. Akito Reito says:

    I need help… how to open the back?

  5. 4:19 : ”i wouldn’t call Vibe X girly by any means…”.
    Well let me tell you something. You americans are in general all girly.
    You’re only real man in hollywood movies.

  6. Andrès Càrdenas says:

    Enjoy Lenovo Latin America,is so good..!

  7. Chandan Rajappa says:

    y dont u show more about what it is capable of ….

  8. Kuba Schenk says:

    hey Lenovo please make that phones in czech republic oficial! Please

  9. does it take all google play apps

  10. Africa really how many people in Africa really need that phone come on
    Africa no Canada wtf

  11. Cy Myghjbv says:

    Are u sure about the USB otg? I can’t use it at all

  12. It is suitable for women. ? 

  13. OMG why plastic again? Make it aluminium, and that’s it! You have amazing

  14. it’s an ugly phone. the vibe Z is much much much cooler. Hope you guys com
    to europe soon

  15. kyle otail says:

    give the usa the phone

  16. ronny agustaf says:

    Ay like lenopo

  17. Abhinav Pathak says:

    That if nothing then at least beats my phone like crazy.

  18. hasmi fatinah says:

    em gonna get youuuu

  19. Clarence Ginsuroh says:

    This Phone is very attractive..

  20. LOVE the design of the Vibe X. Is it available in the US??

  21. Danendra Rifqi says:

    Chipset MTK -_-

  22. taunusv4power says:

    you guys have made a cool phone, but I’m still waiting for a think phone,
    with a matte finish, red buttons, and great reliability.

  23. behzad magra says:

    4.2 out of the box? at a time when 4.4.2 is getting old? you got to be
    kidding me! no offense.. both phones look great in terms of hardware, but
    i’m not so convinced about the software.. will it get timely updates? are
    there lenovo service centers around? how big is the battery?

  24. Danwel Dejolde says:

    When will lenovo update to Android Kitkat. :-)

  25. Jasper Pollet says:

    This is great, currently have a A830 and don’t see a reason to upgrade for
    the moment… not until there will be a Lenovo phone that supports 4G. Any
    chance that will happen soon?


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