Official BlackBerry Passport Unboxing Video

Official BlackBerry Passport Unboxing Video


  1. Vezir Tonyukuk says:

    the difference between Blackberry and other brands is that if you are a
    blackberry user, then u value your life outside of technology cuz
    blackberry users do not get involved with junkie apps and games like
    android or ios users do, blackberry provides you communication, security
    and technology that hasn’t been dirtied with apps and games like android
    and ios have. Just look around your environment, you’ll see that there are
    two types of people, ones that use their cellphones for gaming(temple run,
    angry birds or whatever) and the other ones who only use their cellphones
    when necessary (like calling, doing business, sending emails and stuff). I
    would like to see the second type of these people in my society since they
    only use their cellphones when necessary, they will contribute to my
    society much better then those who can’t live without texting or posting
    their lives online every second and thus stay detached from society ( by
    society I mean a group of people who still keep their traditions and social
    values against miley cyrus or bieber or mcdonalds..)..

  2. Looks good and I bet it doesn’t bend in your pocket like the iPhone 6.

  3. Ryan Origin says:

    This phone obviously not for every one, just to remind the people complain
    about it size, it suit perfectly for business purposes. 

  4. luiz otávio Cordeiro says:

    That keyboard stuff is pretty genial. 

  5. Glo World says:

    Get a close look at the Blackberry Passport with this Official Blackberry
    Passport Unboxing Video., #GloYouTubeFeature

  6. Christina says:

    I love my BlackBerry Z10 but I can’t wait to get the Passport!

  7. walaoRIKI says:

    look interesting, from WP user

  8. Glo World says:

    Check out the Official Blackberry Passport Unboxing Video

  9. Сергей Иванников says:

    Очередная неведома зверушка от BlackBerry
    Экран с соотношением 1х1 :()

  10. Natasha Newwonders says:

    Like the idea of a physical keyboard
    Not something you see everyday 

  11. Cory in the house says:

    would be sick if the keyboard was on screen it would make it easier and
    watching videos would be less awkward 

  12. applegeek 2.0 says:

    they said that the phone is lightweight and “nice and thin”. Tell that to
    Apple and they will fall into a coma xD. Its just so ugly and we all know
    that he’s been payed like 1 billion $ to say something good on that phone.
    I bet he has an iPhone 6 or samsung GS5 or something. Nobody wants a
    fucking 1kg phone with 10 cm thickness. And it doesn’t fit in any pockets.
    and when it does, it looks ridiculous, 4 years ago I actually thought that
    blackberry was a premium phone, now I just laugh at me in the past.

  13. Thisath Ranawaka says:

    Such a gorgeous phone! Some other manufacturers should learn about build
    quality and feel from Blackberry! I really wish Blackberry made the leap
    and integrated Android with a BlackBerry Skin on to their phones! And how
    about a slim pull-out blackberry keyboard? Utter awesomeness! Then probably
    Blackberry can come back into the game!
    Wish that day would come!! :-)

  14. Kriss Selitser says:

    случайно наткнулся на видео нового *Blackberry Passport* ..
    какие то двоякие чувства он во мне вызвал :))))

  15. Quan Mai says:

    Mysteriously attractive phone!

  16. Ultrakillerism says:

    You dawg, I heard you like Blackberry so I put Blackberry to post on their
    Blackberry channel a Blackberry employee making a Blackberry unboxing.

    By the way, I’ve seen that a few Passports in Europe (UK specifically) have
    got the USB 3.0 cables and input (the weird 1 micro USB and half one), is
    this specific only for European models?

  17. Алина Ложис says:

    Уникальный «ежевичный» смартфон
    Флагман от Blackberry с широким экраном необычной геометрии, который не
    похож ни на один из существующих смартфонов. Отличное качество звука, 13
    Мп. камера, мощный аккумулятор, операционная система Blackberry OS 10.3.

  18. Manoj Jain says:

    ‎Its disappointing experience with #Blackberry. 46 days yet my
    #blackberryPassport handset NOT replaced after several commitments. Brand
    new handset went faulty just after using 29days. Surprising after sale
    support @blackberry


  19. Paul Driftmier says:

    Wow, this phone actually looks really nice, and I really love that
    keyboard. I currently use the Fleksy keyboard for both Android and iOS, and
    I feel this BlackBerry Touch-enabled keyboard is like Fleksy, but better.
    I’m not a huge fan of physical QWERTY keyboards, myself, but I think I
    could come to like this one. The device itself is extremely elegant, and I
    love that wide, square viewing panel. Not to mention, the software looked
    *very* snappy and smooth. Well done, BlackBerry.

  20. remnic sandi says:

    Fck! It’s been a while since the last time I fell in love

  21. Sameer Sam says:

    I will never use this phone even you give me free 

  22. i thought blackberry went the fuck away from the market

  23. Arnab Roy says:

    Great device…different from boring Droid repeataions…Hope the Passport
    2 comes with a better Camera like Sony/Nokia and more bigger screen with
    less bezel at the top and more importantly a reasonable price in the wale
    of Xiomi/Oneplus! Can’t pay 55000 INR in India for this.

  24. Everyone’s talking about apps.Seriously don’t you guys even grow up ? APP
    APP APP ! Jesus this phone ,like a Nokia is meant for professionals ,unlike
    people who dwell in their bunk all day fooling around with their stupid

  25. Shammaar Bubb says:

    I’m used to Android and IOS (I rotate depending on the release), but I’m
    not sure if I would like the passport. Looks like it will be a pain to type
    on it…but I really like the design


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