Review on minideal Cubot s308 2G RAM 16G ROM QUAD CORE SMARTPHONE

Review on minideal Cubot s308 2G RAM 16G ROM QUAD CORE SMARTPHONE


  1. Maks Miketa says:

    On the official website it says that it comes with android 4.4 but mine is
    with 4.2.2 and does anyone know a website that I could download a KitKat
    ROM for the s308. Remember that it is one of the mt6582 2gb processors.

  2. Stahl Reich says:

    Thanks for good review!

  3. James Bonnici says:

    s308 , x6 or x9 ?? 

  4. Alexandru Rusu says:

    I will buy this phone soon 🙂 It’s nice!

  5. i have bought china phones like this 2 times and they break every time
    what about this one, is itgood, worth it or not?

  6. Yolanda Rodriguez says:

    Hi, It has a smart wake? Thanks!

  7. Zubair Mohammed says:

    very bad camera, especialy front camera. 

  8. Lori Saname says:

    How efficient is the flash? No one EVER takes a picture. I have the Cubot
    S208 and you can’t see pictures taken in the dark EVEN with the flash. Is
    this any better? Does it have flash to view videos? Again Cubot 208 does
    not I cant view videos and the 2200 batteries are awful

  9. MrJpsjjpsj says:

    Xperia z1 compact is the best

  10. david the pro says:

    xD a Thunderstorm !

  11. mrgizmoon says:

    What’s the battery endurance , talk time & stand by with battery saving
    options, because Dual sim consumes a lot of batt.

  12. b4rc3lon3 says:

    Aap boond mar tey ho

  13. بلخير الإمام says:

    battery in the first 89% after 5 min 85%

  14. Pieter van den Hoogenband says:

    Thanks for the great review. Can you tell me what is the differnce with the
    CUBOT X6.

  15. GeorgeJabson says:

    is there metal frame?

  16. 911stano says:

    It can not have 2gb ram. Mtk 6582 only supports up to 1 gb ram….

  17. says:


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