4.5″ ZOPO ZP300 Field IPS Retina Display ICS MTK6575 Unlocked Smartphone Hands-on Review



  1. Panda Will says:

    Nope, just Textured PVC

  2. kmetek77 says:

    english site of ZOPO site?

  3. Panda Will says:

    Sorry I don’t get it. This pone works on Canada and we pandawill company
    come from China.

  4. Bruno Rafael says:

    have hdmi?

  5. song please ?

  6. Panda Will says:

    Song: La canzone è Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire Thanks for watching!

  7. nuynui15 says:

    0:27 why it’s shown 4.0 inches.? And thank’s for your reply, I really love
    design (some of its). I hate SS design.. thank’s

  8. Panda Will says:

    Hello, guys. This ZP300 is 4.5″ not 4.0″, just a mistake in this video,
    sorry for the misleading.

  9. Panda Will says:

    You’re completely wrong. It’s 4.5 inch display, if you don’t believe in our
    store, check it on the zopo official website: zopomobile. com/zopomobile.
    php Remove the space and copy it to your browser. Thank you very much.

  10. maxime324 says:

    thank you for your answer

  11. TheCrickcrock says:

    La canzone è Vangelis – Chariots Of Fire

  12. Panda Will says:

    Oh, mistake on the number, it’s 4.5 inch actually. All specs are subject to
    our website descriptions. 🙂

  13. maxime324 says:

    he take canada company ? rogers ?

  14. Panda Will says:

    Nope, ZOPOZP200 has HDMI, but this one doesn’t

  15. Fabian Gonzalo Castro Valenzuela says:

    this is zopo zp300 or ThL W1?

  16. Sairaviteja Vallabhuni says:

    hey u coppied indian music …

  17. Panda Will says:

    Metal backside 🙂

  18. Panda Will says:

    R2000 is awesome, used the first Rockchip RK3066, Dual Core, CPU is Mali
    400 MP4, IPS, with a fair price. Check it out on our site, u also can find
    Antutu tester in the description.

  19. Giovanni Kosman says:

    Could you please tell me the name of the song, nice phone by the way!
    Thinking of buying one :)!

  20. Panda Will says:

    Zopo official website: zopomobile[dot]com, English version is unavailable.

  21. nuynui15 says:

    Display is 4.0 inches not a 4.5 inches.. information was wrong. ^&^’

  22. Panda Will says:

    sorry, just a mistake, we made a wrong link, it’s correct now, check it out.

  23. Panda Will says:

    Sorry, forgotten 😛

  24. Rubtsov Sergey says:

    Лучше докинуть сверху 100$ и взять гугль нексус чем эту жопу 😉


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