Best Smartphone for 2014 & 2015 – Buying Guide

Best Smartphone for 2014 & 2015 - Buying Guide


  1. peyton warren says:

    Lol no Sony Xperia z3? Wow ok

  2. Glad to see the positive feedback on this video 🙂

    Here is my New updated phone buying guide for 2015 –

  3. I just want to thank you all for watching and supporting the channel

    Have lots of great video’s in the works for this holiday season :)

  4. Shivam Prajapati says:

    I kind of feel like the Lg G3 should of been part of this 

  5. OMG this guy ends all his sentences with the same voice tone and it’s so
    annoying! I swear people, listen carefuly, this is unbearable.

  6. i neeed one plus one

  7. Black Purple says:

    I’m looking for a new phone to buy. I currently have Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    and it feels so slow and bad now, but it still runs very well (i just want
    a new phone, almost had this one for 2 years). So what i want is a phone
    with at least 5,5″ screen, good camera, very good processor (such as
    Quadcom Snapdragon 800 2,5Ghz>) or something like it, a good battery and so
    on. But i seriously am not comfortable buying like Note 4 since it costs
    750€ here or Nexus 6 (700€), so i’m looking something bit cheaper. Is it
    still a good idea to buy Huawei Ascend Mate 7 or LG G3 or should i wait for
    new releases? Please help me :#

  8. Do you always carry your last word in monotone lol. 

  9. Bas Warmerdam says:

    I want the oneplus one so bad :(

  10. MrkingRando says:

    Imagine the htc one m8 with droid turbo’s battery

  11. boogy1012 says:

    What do you guys think? Nexus 5 or OnePlus One? The Nexus 5 has the
    advantage with the latest updates and the OnePlus One has better specs and
    more features.. I’m really suck here.

  12. Crysus Bu says:

    Z3 ?? Anyone?

  13. MMat JJo says:

    I decided to get a Oneplus one but as u said its not available so I had to
    go on ebay and holle shopping to get it.
    Great Phone!Thx for introducing it to me

  14. Lueual Eyther'nddare says:

    He didn’t mention the HTC one m8? Is the HTC one m8 still worth buying in
    2015. After the KitKat update destroyed my droid RAZR m I don’t really
    trust Motorola anymore so I’m not sure if I’d want the droid turbo for that
    reason. So is the HTC one m8 still worth buying.

  15. james carter says:

    i think a great bbudget phone would have been the Huawei ascend p7

  16. Quite reassuring to want the Droid Turbo and find it #1 on this list. I’ll
    probably get the Turbo or OnePlus One for it’s great price.

  17. Excellent video – thanks, a million. Well done, well spoken and coherent.
    I’m brand new to the unlocked market. Looking at the new Droid 4g LTE,
    dual sim phone. Seems to run well, has the ability to be a wifi hotspot –
    want to get rid of Comcast – it’s yukie. Thank you, Tedster

  18. allen Rodriguez says:

    Note 4 os far better than anything out thier it beats all on every
    catagorgy the i phone is just crap 

  19. Apples Malus says:

    Why do you always end on a dominant tone? It’s really getting on my FUCKING

  20. David Riehl says:

    Is there an Android phone,except the M8 that has good battery life and a
    good camera? I mean just in case I can’t get it, I want another option.
    After hearing the negatives of the moto x, I’ll decide not to add that
    phone to my list of first phone to get. 

  21. ganstathuginit says:

    iPhone 6+ ain’t even on here. What a bunch of haters. 

  22. Do you recommend iPhone 5s?

  23. Rauf Shaikh says:

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    and earn 50rs in ur sd cash 5AQK68289 here is the code go grab it guyz

  24. Markurrito says:

    Where is the Samsung Galaxy S5?

  25. Joseph Carrino says:

    I liked u r video but I’m amused at how you went past the galaxy note 4
    w/so many negative comments and few positive..I have one and the picture
    quality us about twice what HD would friend has iPhone plus and when
    we tried Netflix it was obvious the note 4 picture was better…the battery
    has long life and it charges faster then any phone I ever seen…lastly the
    S pen is a great tool to use….that’s my opinion based on having this
    phone for few months…


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