Jolla smartphone review

Jolla smartphone review


  1. Myriam Joire says:

    In case you missed it yesterday, here’s my review of +Jolla’s smartphone:

  2. svfutbol20 says:

    1 cm thick

    No thanks

  3. Jack Wu says:

    Phone is too thick

  4. andrew soetanto says:

    nice share, glad to know about jolla phone :D

  5. Marin Stefanov says:

    Seems like browser loads for ages…

  6. Ascketism says:

    Here in Finland Nexus 5 costs 355€. The pricings are crazy for US phones
    here. They just change $ to €.

  7. Dominic Fernes says:

    Jolla Smartphone made by ex Nokia employees who were laid off,
    because of the closure of Nokia’s Meego project.

    Nokia N9 was based on Meego.

    Nokia N900’s UI Maemo was similar to Meego. 

  8. evrdrandosity says:

    and now… it has to switch to ART if it still wants to run any new android
    apps. once L is released that is.

  9. Ken Keller says:

    Really hoping my boss will sell me his once-charged and never used Jolla
    some time next week. So tired of Android and basically using my phone as a
    substitute for a PC. I wanna get my devices’ roles straight again in my

  10. Abdullah Ali says:

    the SailfishOS kinda has the same gestures and multitaskin as the BBOS10
    for somereason 😛 , but i think the android support on SAILFISH is far
    better dan on BBOS10.

  11. largon 03 says:

    it takes a scientist to navigate this phone….looks a bit complicated. i
    hope their new jolla phone for 2014-15 is less complicated.

  12. Cheung Will says:

    I notice that you can have the recent app button when running the android
    app. How can I do it?

  13. It’s awful! Even my Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows phone looks way better!

  14. Nothing_Much HereToSay says:

    *reads comments below*

    Wait, so SailfishOS is going to implement Google’s Play Store where the NSA
    spies on people and asks for Apps to.. pretty much invade anybody’s phone??

    That’s a bit contradicting with Jolla’s claim that “Jolla servers are not
    in US, so we are not subject to any US rules or regulations regarding
    disclosing information”.

    So, okay, you won’t have the NSA spying on us through the cellular
    networks, but you’re gonna have Google who happens to be the scariest
    company that puts MS and Apple to shame when it comes to data farming and
    literally sells your data/information to the NSA and anybody who happens to
    be searching for you?

    I personally would trust Apple/MS over Google, but my money is going to
    Canonical (Ubuntu), as I trust them the most not only because they’re open
    source and pretty much faithful to anything that involves FOSS, but I’ve
    also spoken to someone who works at Canonical and it pretty much sealed the
    deal for me that they respect people’s privacy WAAAAAAY more than what
    people happen to think because of stupid shit like fixubuntu and lack of
    trust/paranoia.. on the internet.

  15. Dwayne Chris Milford says:

    This is very close to BlackBerry 10 in terms of development, gestures and

  16. Alisa Korpela says:

    An honest review of the Jolla phone. Time to download the new software

  17. Ronny Karlsson says:

    Download and install the Beta Warehouse AppStore, for get more native apps
    on You’re Jolla :-)

  18. Clinton Jeff says:

    Great review Myriam :o) 

  19. Brian Chan says:

    How did you get your hands on this device? From my quick research they
    don’t ship to North America. I’d love to get one too if someone would be
    kind enough to share!

  20. Nexus 5 is cheap because it’s subsidized as fuck by Google.

  21. Jose Rafael Castillo Huggins says:


  22. briggs9187 says:

    Meego and Maemo were way better than Symbian and absolutely way better than
    Windows Phone. I have gotten an N9 and installed Sailfish in it… awesome.

  23. Karly Johnston says:

    Nokia didn’t decide to throw it away. It was bought by Microsoft so of
    course they would use Windows Phone. 

  24. realmoner says:

    Oh well my N9 does get 3G through T Mobile. And even sailfish is better N9
    still great. i feel that it is better than android.

  25. Iman Kareem says:


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