New Axgio Neon N2Q Android Smartphone Unboxing!

New Axgio Neon N2Q Android Smartphone Unboxing!


  1. Mrwhosetheboss says:

    Unbelievable Value! :D

  2. Same phone and hardware as the Mlais M9 and Wico S100, but the Wico is only
    89,99 USD and has also a hq flipcase included.

  3. xJaysGamesx says:

    looks nice :P

  4. Matthew Grech says:

    this can upgrade to OTA ?

  5. Giveupbit says:

    My Samsung galaxy s5 can last 3 days without a charge 

  6. Frank Chacon says:

    Unbelievable Value! :D

  7. Acear Bern says:

    axigo what the hell is that lol

  8. RokinRonanProduction says:

    Brilliant price! :D

  9. Cowgers123 says:

    I think 1gb ram is a deal breaker even tho KitKat only requires 512mb. I
    have wondered do you record then add your commentary or do u do both as you
    unbox the product?

  10. That fat kid says:

    Please Nokia Lumia 635 and more vita stuff.

  11. Joseph Samsor says:

    That’s a good phone for the price definetly


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