One Plus One Smartphone Unboxing

One Plus One Smartphone Unboxing


  1. says:

    We got it just the way most other people would get it… thru an invite. 

  2. superfatchao14 says:

    They need to stop with this invite shit, and give us the phone we all

  3. Tyrone Thomas says:

    This guy is crazy to unbox the device right there like it can’t fall lol

  4. sascha boewes says:

    Meeeee wants

  5. photolabguy says:

    I miss netbook news…

  6. supertechsaiyan says:

    Do you have any more invites?

  7. Chan Ming Hou says:

    2:45 64 bit? Lol still fascinating abt the iPhone 5s?

  8. 葉融竺 says:

    Are you live in TAIWAN????? 

  9. LuxuriousDesignsHD says:

    How did you get one?

  10. Randy Mayndra says:

    jos gados

  11. Gen Nagano says:

    haha love your videos!!

  12. maxmavrick7 says:

    I think its a first official unboxing of the phone on youtube.

  13. zac feng says:

    Invitation please ~

  14. says:

    Have to say one thing: I absolutely love how some dude sneezes in the
    background, just as Stew tore off the screen cover :))))

  15. jamaicaboy says:

    Very nice, how did you manage to get it? That is a very nice package and a
    flat orange usb cable. cool Invite?

  16. Sanford Carniero says:


  17. Parmveer Lidhar says:


  18. Chan Terry says:

    are u so excited that ur hands shaking?

  19. SlopedPWI says:

    do you live in china town?


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