What is the BEST smartphone?

What is the BEST smartphone?


  1. SuperSaf TV says:

    Still get asked everyday, what is the “Best” smartphone? Or Which
    Smartphone should you buy? This video should help…

  2. Rodrigo Morgado says:

    Man I love this guy’s approach. He doesn’t go for apple nor android. It’s
    one of the few youtubers that says it’s actual PERSONAL preference. And I
    know, probably no youtuber says he prefers apple over android or vice
    versa, but you can clearly see what they prefer. Only if humans would be
    smart enough to understand people’s opinions. Oh well, great video!

  3. mir mohammed says:

    The note 4 and nexus 6 ( hopefully) are the best smartphone of 2014 ! 

  4. MrYerro305 says:

    My top 5
    #5 LG G3
    #4 iphone 6 plus
    #3 Sony xperia Z3
    #2 nexus 6
    #1 SG note 4
    N My current smartphone
    Now is the SG note 3

  5. Video Gadgets Journal (VGJFelix) says:

    What you’re describing is the latest Game of Phones. Winter is Coming…

  6. Best phone of all time- NOKIA 3310!

  7. ivany canales says:

    iPhone 6 is the best.. Fast ui is simple no third party application thin
    good camera nice screen size is just the best smartphone my wife has a
    Samsung Galaxy s5 we hated when u open a app it take 2 or 3 seconds Iphone
    6 is instantly the simplicity 

  8. shavenhaven1 says:

    One phone to rule them all, the galaxy note 4

  9. Brandon Fletcher says:

    I like ios because its simple but I like the samsung galaxy all around but
    it runs on android.

  10. John Smith says:

    To me, my iphone 6

  11. Well said bro best smartphone is your own personal preference and having
    that said I cant wait for my note 4 aswell! Using the s4 at the moment..
    keep it up saf! Peace 

  12. SuperSaf TV says:

    NEW VIDEO: What is the BEST smartphone? I try to answer one of the most
    commonly asked questions on the channel! Enjoy :-)

  13. Arslan Khan says:

    Guys which phone shall I buy I have been using note 2 for a while and am
    interested in the iPhone 6 but would prefer something android 

  14. Rudy Z. says:

    Best smartphones of 2014 has to be Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and LGG3… no

  15. S Syangden says:

    Okay, can you guys help me? 😀
    These are what I want from a smartphone (Priority top to bottom)
    1. Camera
    2. Display
    3. Speakers
    4. Battery life
    5. Design
    I currently own a HTC ONE (M7) and thinking of buying Sony Xperia Z3. How
    are Samsung phones or iphones? Never used them before.

  16. Lucas Hall says:

    Note 4 love it so much super snap and easy to use never used real android
    but love samsung!!!

  17. rodrigo calderon says:

    clean hair cut homie

  18. Igor Magalhães says:

    I am going to buy iphone What should i buy 6 or 6+ i am 14
    I am scared if the 6 plus its to big for me
    Pls dont post that coments saying stupid kid you dont have money bla bla
    Great video saf
    Sorry for my bad english :)

  19. tony pazo says:

    +SuperSaf TV oneplus one

  20. Rafal Iwanczuk says:

    I want a big phone. I think that big phones are superior, not only because
    of the screen size. I’d like to buy an iPhone 6 Plus, it does everything
    and it does it almost perfectly, but I’ve always used Android and I like
    this OS, and it can be difficult to switch to iOS. For me tehre are only
    two options: Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6. I will buy the Nexus 6, I love
    stock Android Lollipop and its design, I don’t care about the Note 4

  21. Mateo Sanchez says:

    Picking a new Phone for Freshman year is overwhelming! 

  22. bobbyray848 says:

    very nice video from a neutral standpoint

  23. Abubaker Alzuaree says:

    Top 10 smartphones of the year
    1. Note 4
    2. Nexus 6
    3. Oneplus One
    4. Xperia Z3
    5. HTC M8
    6. Oppo Find 7
    7. LG G3
    8. Moto x 2014
    9. Iphone 6 plus
    10. Galaxy S5


  24. rames seangsamai says:

    HTC One Iphone6 Nexus6 😀 

  25. flyestbruh says:

    You’re a good man Saf.


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