iRulu U1s Phone -5 Inch QHD Quad-core Dual SIM Card 3G Smartphone Android 4.4 OS, Front 5MP/ Back 8MP Camera (White)

—–IRULU U1s Phone—–

2014 Nov newly launched IRULU U1s phone have great improve compare to U1,however its price stay low. Perfect gift idea,get yours now!Character

IRULU U1s phone CPU powered by top speed quad-core processors MTK6582 CPU 1.3 GHZ, CortexA7, rate of increase of 30%. Make you doing everything easily.

IRULU U1s phone adopt newest Android 4.4 system ,loaded all the function needed in advance.And with Google Play pre-installed, you have access to all the music,movies, and apps you want.

5.0MP Front-facing camera makes it easy to chat with friends, 8.0MP rear-facing camera allows you to capture special moments on facebook.

Unlike TN LCDs,IPS panels screen do not lighten or show tailing when touched. Besides, it takes on accurate color from all viewing angle which is important for touch-screen devices.The TN screen shows miscolored if viewing not at a right angle.

Double SIM card double stay! Applicable in any country, keeps you on at business trip or travel in other cities and countries.

Wireless:1.WIFI 802.11 b/g/n; 2.Bluetooth 4.0; 3.FM radio; 4.GPS&AGPS

Package contents:

1*iRulu U1s phone
1*2000mAh battery
1*USB cable
1*User manual
1*Gift box
1*Screen protective film

$ 93.99


  1. lisa@LisasReviewCorner "Lisa" says:
    69 of 75 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Unlocked Cell phone that looks great and does a awesome job., August 14, 2014
    I received this item for testing. As soon as I took it out of the box, I was impressed. It looks fantastic. It also came with a really nice looking set of ear buds. So first thing I did was plus them in and check out the radio. Instant station pickup which is impressive since I live in a rural area.

    It was easy to understand how to use .

    I took some really nice pictures with it. The 5 MP camera makes a big difference. And the 2 MP camera looked much nicer than what i was used to,. I actually looked like me not horrible. So that made me happy.

    I think the single thing I like the most is the freedom this phone gives me its UNLOCKED this means almost any company that uses sim cards I can use if I buy a sim card from that business. .

    This uses duel sim cards, one standard and one mini. What that means for me, is I do not have to have two phones to keep accounts separate for work and home. This phone will hold both cards and it automatically will answer with the correct sim since it is on standby. You no longer have to manually change them. So big convenience factor.

    .I have had no problems with charging times.

    Very pretty screen to show off the great pictures that the camera takes. I have medium size hands and it just feels right in them. I love the material it is made with and it is a very affordable durable quality product which is what I have came to expect from iRulu.


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  2. 20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Cool looking iRulu phone but:, October 2, 2014
    Joe (PA) –

    Just purchased from another vendor due to lower price.
    Physically, the phone looks pretty good, but the plastic back to access sim card and battery will brake eventually.
    The specs on the site where I purchased it said would work with Tracfone, but no luck with that.

    I did get error messages saying “No Run Command” and had to remove the battery to unfreeze it.

    Other than the low res screen, on paper it has some interesting specs but I don’t think the quality is there yet.

    I have been trying to contact them to return mine but they have been ignoring my requests.

    No real tech support or even decent owners manual that I could find.

    I think they tried to knock off iPhone in style but used what I consider to be inferior materials.

    I wish them well in trying to enter the market with a low priced Android phone but I think they need some design and engineering assistance and some tech support and repair services.


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  3. ThisGuy says:
    29 of 35 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for its price, October 13, 2014

    Bought the phone from eBay for its lower price than on Amazon. $80/free shipping, got the phone and a case. Had it since September 2, 2014

    pretty durable with case (I’ve dropped it a total over 8x)
    call and text with ease
    smooth game plays on small apps
    love the music app (continues where left off even after 2 days of non-use. has a equalizer set-up with bass boost)
    sounds are good, takes awhile for phone to adjust to car speaker and headphones. once done its good
    smooth video play for its screen resolution, pretty clear
    battery last pretty long with average use, i used battery doctor to help eliminate background consumption
    5 inch screen makes it easier to see, view and do things
    touch sensitivity is great

    camera says it’s 5mp, but it sucks (looks blurry; actually, it is blurry) my old Samsung sidekick takes better pictures at 1.3mp
    sound sucks when talking on phone, hard to here sometimes
    its dual core 1.2ghz processor makes it difficult to play large apps, laggy
    screen feels weak, but is alright (just don’t apply too much pressure or it’ll leave marks for awhile)

    Phone is alright for standard use, but if your an instagrammy type of person, spend the extra money on a better phone; mobile gamers too. But if you just need something to call, text, and watch adult clips (that’s right, don’t act like you weren’t looking for a mobile device for this purpose), this phone serves its purpose for a reasonable low price.


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