Blu Studio C Mini Quad Core, 4.7″ IPS, Android 4.4 KK, 4G HSPA+, 5MP Camera – Unlocked Cell Phones -Blue

The Studio C Mini will impress you with its design, color, and functionality. Enhanced with Android 4.4 Kit Kat featuring a 4.7″ HD display for viewing pleasure, powerful 1.3 GHz Quad Core processing for fast response and a great 5MP camera.

$ 74.99


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    BLU STUDIO C MINI-, August 29, 2014
    ZZI (NYC) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    THIS IS A REVIEW FOR THE BLU STUDIO C MINI, NOT THE C HD. The two devices are, however, very similar, and everything in this review applies to the C HD except the C HD has more ram, a better screen, and 2 full-size SIM cards. However, a 5 inch screen I feel is just a little bit too big to use with one hand than 4.7, so I recommend the C Mini.

    SPEED: This phone is FAST. The 512 megs of ram prevent games such as Asphalt 8 from running, but the Android UI and games like Subway Surfers and even slightly more intense games run very fluidly. The 1.3 Ghz quad core processor is no slouch, either.
    BATTERY LIFE: The battery is good, and even comparable to my LG F3s 2,460 MAh battery. With little-moderate use, it will last a long time. Heavy gaming will deplete the battery in 5-6 hours(With Wifi and GPS on). Oh, and did I mention the phone charges from 0-100% in 1 hr 40 minutes?
    OS/UI: This phone is pretty much Stock Android (Kitkat 4.4.2) with a couple nice extra features, such as scheduled power on and off, a battery charge time indicator, an apps to SD function (Disabled in Stock android since 4.0), and even a built in, OS integrated Antivirus. Blu has made Android almost perfect. (Only having the phone come factory rooted could make it better)
    SCREEN: The screen is nice, crisp, and bright. It has pretty good viewing angles, may be… 160 degrees or so. It doesn’t seem at all pixelated, even with such a low ppi (200 or so) The screen is well calibrated and very vivid.
    CALL QUALITY- Call quality on TMobiles network is good, and the phone even supports video calls (Though my SIM doesn’t)
    SPEAKER- The speaker is quite loud, but sounds tinny. It works well on speakerphone, but wear headphones or use external/Bluetooth speakers for music. I tested wired external speakers and headphones, and it had really good sound quality (It even supports a 5.1 surround system without a receiver.
    CAMERAS- I don’t take photos with my phone, but I tested the image quality out. Quite frankly, the back camera is pretty bad for 5 megapixels and autofocus. It can read QR codes well though, and that’s all I need it for. The front camera is useable, at least for Skype and selfies.
    BUILD QUALITY- The device is built quite well, and does not feel cheap (With the case on) I asked a friend how much he thought it cost, and he guessed $550. Wow.
    3G/HSPA+ Its quite fast. Ive gotten up to 7.4 mbps on HSPA+(4G) on TMobile, and 4 MBps on 3g. My LG Optimus F3 (4GLTE) got 13.4 in the same location, but the point is, its useable. It also uses less battery than LTE
    ODDS AND ENDS: The Gyro sensor is not calibrated, so games that don’t have a “Calibrate” button (Like Temple Run) you will have to play while slightly lobsided. I will update this review with a fix if I can find one.
    The phone comes with a pair of terrible headphones(With a mic attached), a screen protector, a case(Which adds that more premium feel and protects only the back and sides from scratches), and a wall charger+ USB 2.0 cable.
    The phone supports OTG
    The phone allows you to Hotspot/tether your phone on any carrier, even if the carrier doesn’t allow it (Because the Hotspot app is part of Android itself)
    The phone does have a LED notification light
    And also the brightest flash/flashlight I’ve ever seen on a phone.

    VERDICT: Do not hesitate to buy this phone. For $120 unlocked, you cannot go wrong… Unless you want the 2015 Moto E, which is also fabulous. I will review it soon.

    On the main Amazon page for the C mini, it shows, say, a black and white phone and labels the color as yellow. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE PICTURES. The color of the actual device is what the label (under “In stock”) says.(I think this has been fixed by now)

    If anyone has any questions at all about this device, ask it in a comment to this review, and I will answer (Also with a comment) as fast as possible.

    9/1/14 UPDATE- I have just discovered the Stock launcher keeps removing all the apps on the SD card from the home page (On boot). A simple fix for this is to download Nova Launcher.

    The GPS, albeit accurate, depletes the battery in roughly an hour and a half. Because that’s the same time it takes it to charge, the battery will only remain level if the phone is plugged in with GPS in use.

    It boots up in 10 SECONDS if you turn on the fast boot setting!!!! (This can be found under Settings/Accessibility/Fastboot)

    Update 10/26/14:

    The phone still runs strong, though I have needed to purchase a new screen protector. The Youtube app from Google sticks sometimes due to lack of support, but there are other Youtube apps out there, so no biggie. Battery life is still good.
    The capacitive buttons seem to lag a second or so, can be fixed through Onscreen Buttons (On Play Store)
    The LED on the back doubles as…

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  2. Cena Nico says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    FINALLY A GOOD GENERIC!, November 28, 2014

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Blu Studio C Mini Quad Core, 4.7″ IPS, Android 4.4 KK, 4G HSPA+, 5MP Camera – Unlocked Cell Phones -Blue (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have had this phone for about a month now. I like it. I don’t love it, which is why it gets four instead of five stars. Its a solid phone and you cant beat the price. I use go phone prepaid services through ATT and this phone knocks out all the similarly priced androids they offer by a mile. I think its a great inexpensive option for anyone like me who just cant stomach the idea of being locked into a contract, despite having to purchase my own phone instead of getting a nicer one free on contract.

    The build is good quality though nothing special. I like the aesthetics of the phone and have gotten a lot of compliments on the color. It looks sharp and feels good in the hand.The included case is cheap but works well enough for me. I have dropped it a few times and it has yet to show any damage which is a plus for a clumsy person like me. The back cover is a bit scary and I have to admit seems flimsy compared to the rest of the build. When I have taken the back off I have been a little scared it might crack from the force. That being said it fits so seamlessly into the phone that you can hardly tell its a cover once you snap it on. The picture quality on the back facing side is great, I have given up my old digital cam in favor of it for taking candids. The front facing cam is crap, though that is to be expected with most phones. The screen is plastic, no glass here, and forget about using it outside, glare is horrible. Despite that the screen is really clean and crisp when you are INDOORS, so that works for me. Setup is a breeze, just punch in your google account information and you are ready to go.

    Don’t let the word mini fool you because there is nothing mini about this phone. Someone asked me if it was a Note due to the size and width of the display. I have to say the size and look of the phone couldn’t be better, I feel it is incredibly well done for a generic brand. This is my first Blu phone and I definitely think I will be staying with the brand now.

    Call quality is good but could be better. Took me some getting used to holding it to the ear and finding the speakers for calls. Small issue but you get used to it. Sound quality is decent and reliable, atleast on my network.

    Pretty standard Android software and nearly devoid of bloatware, which made me very happy. Touch is very responsive and quick. Now, the cons. Some apps do have some lag on startup, a bit of freezing up for a moment or two, and I have noticed apps like facebook and some games do not run exceptionally well on this phone. Lots of forced closes on some of the apps, and games in particular. This is the reason I cant in good faith give the phone five stars. There are some issues with performance, probably a result of inferior processors and a relatively small internal memory. Don’t expect to put 100 different apps on this phone and have it perform well, no matter how much space is on your sd card.

    Despite those few issues, I still like the phone very well. I purchased a second one for my fiancee, who is overseas. The dual sim and the fact that it is unlocked makes it much more convenient, particularly for heavy wi-fi users like us and those who travel often outside of the US. Will update once we see how it performs in the UK as well.

    In the box you will find the phone, USB charger and cord, a free cover in the same color as your phone, a great screen protector, and some earbud headphones. I was moderately impressed with the included earbuds as they look horribly cheap, but the sound was decent. I keep that set at work and they serve me well. I would add that this phone is great for those who are heavily invested in google and their various services, such as play music and such. Google apps work the best on this phone, I have found.

    My last word is that it isn’t the best phone out there. But for this particular market, generic phones, multiple sims, and unlocked, It is a great option. I’ve had generic phones and tablets from just about everywhere and this brand is FAR above the rest. It may not be the most impressive performance wise, but it is solid quality, takes a beating, is reliable and You Will Never find anything near this quality for the price. I consider myself a future loyal customer with BLU after purchasing this phone.


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  3. Dinakar Sarma "Dino" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great buy, September 15, 2014
    Dinakar Sarma “Dino” (New York, NY) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    For the price, this phone is freaking amazing.

    CAMERA: The camera is good enough to use on video calling software, and the picture quality is good enough to capture my face, as long as lighting is adequate. The picture quality that the other person sees is nice and clear. With lower light, it’s a little harder to make out specific features on my face, but it’s still clear enough for what it needs to be.

    YOUTUBE: I’m absolutely addicted to youtube, and am used to watching it on my Macbook retina or my iPad Air. Although this phone doesn’t have full 1080p or whatever, the resolution it does have is plenty for the screen size. Youtube videos look crisp and clear.

    SPEED: It takes a while to start up, but no more annoying than my iPhone. Its speed is rather nice and snappy. I don’t at all worry about how long it’s taking to get my regular tasks done, like installing or uninstalling apps, opening contacts, writing messages, etc.

    FEEL: When I hold this phone, it feels expensive. It has a bit of heft to it that lighter phones don’t quite have. The back panel is easy to remove, which means that switching batteries, SIM cards, etc isn’t a chore.

    CHARGE: I’ve had the phone on standby for days, with only the wifi turned on. This battery is a beast. It’s not needed a charge once. With the SIM card, and using data, location services, etc, I can last about a day and small change without a charge. But, if I do cut back on the battery hogs when I don’t need them (like when I’m on the subway), the battery does extend to a longer time.

    For the price you’re paying, this is a solid phone. It’s got a slot to put extra memory into, so you don’t have to worry about the size that the phone comes with. Its speakers are plenty loud. The screen is crisp and beautiful looking. The whole package is a good deal.


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