Kata i4 – 5-inch IPS Super HD Octa Core 1.7GHz MTK6592 Unlocked Smartphone Android 4.4 (KitKat) 2GB RAM 3G WiFi 32GB Memory 16MP Back Camera 8MP Front Camera (Black)

The super 5-inch HD display (720×1280) provides you an astonishingly resolution and gives ultra-brilliance for your images. Feast your eyes with its remarkable display that looks ultra real from all viewing angles with super fast response. This ground-breaking technology is perfect in viewing your photos, videos and other media files. Sporting a 1.7 GHz Octa-Core (MTK 6592) processor Kata M2 Specification Processor: MTK 6592 Quad Core 1.7GHz Display:5 inch Super HD Display (720*1280) Frequency:Qual Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Dual Band 3G 850/1900/2100 OS:Android 4.4 KitKat RAM:2GB Internal Storage:32GB Camera:16.0 MP Rear Camera 8.0 MP Front Camera Connectivity:Wi-Fi:802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0 Buttons:Power ON/OFF, Vol+,Vol- Speaker: 8 ohm Battery:2300mAh Talk Time:5 Hours Standby Time:350 Hours Unit Size:144.5mm (L) x 71.5mm (W) x 6.5mm (D) Weight:161g (with battery) Color:Black Others:Free 35GB Online Storage POWERED by KATA CLOUD

$ 249.00


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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice performing phone if you dont mind the one body design, February 24, 2015
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    This review is from: Kata i4 – 5-inch IPS Super HD Octa Core 1.7GHz MTK6592 Unlocked Smartphone Android 4.4 (KitKat) 2GB RAM 3G WiFi 32GB Memory 16MP Back Camera 8MP Front Camera (Black) (Unlocked Phone)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 7:19 Mins

    Included with the phone (comes with the Android 4.4 installed) are the instructions, warranty card, a micro USB charging cable (approximately 3 feet 2 inches in length), wall adaptor, sim card ejector pin, and a set of wired headphones with microphone. The instructions are fairly basic and could be a bit better and more detailed.

    The I4u phone is Kata’s newest phone release. Having previously tried out the Kata I3 and being both surprised and impressed with that one, I have high expectations out of this more expensive version.

    The phone itself looks similar in design to the I3 with some minor differences and slightly longer (maybe ¼ of an inch) size. It has metal trim on the sides like the I3 but unlike the I3 has a solid body design with the battery not removable. I personally don’t like a phone that I can’t open the back and change the battery if I need. The sim card slot is on the top of the phone along with the headphone jack that you have to access using the included ejector pin. This location is ok but again I would have preferred a back that opens with the sim card inside and not in this location. Although I wasn’t crazy about how the back snapped into place on the I3, I would have preferred that over the one body design. You also cannot add any more SD card space. Some people may not mind this though, especially if you trade phones every couple years and don’t worry about changing batteries or adding more space for your apps.

    The phone itself though is as well made as the I3 and seems very solid but lightweight, and is approximately 5.5 inches in length (a bit longer than the I3), about 2.75 inches in width and about one fourth of an inch thick. This is a similar square-ish design but with a bit more rounded corners than the I3 and is a nice looking phone overall. The touchscreen is responsive and worked well for me and the screen has a nice quality bright display (5 inch display, 1280 X 720) that is easy to read and displays crisp and clear video.

    There was an immediate update for the phone when I checked the phone software which I immediately updated before using the phone. This has a 1.7 GHZ processor that is quick and responsive with all the apps I tried. The play store is preinstalled and apps downloaded and installed quickly with no issues. The one things

    There is a good amount of memory on board with 32 gigs of ROM and 2 gigs of RAM but I do wish it had the capability to add more if I wanted or needed but had no issues at installing the apps I wanted though. The phone also easily found my wireless network and connected with no problems. This has a pretty good camera with a 16 MP camera on the rear and an 8 MP camera on the front, which takes nice quality pictures and video. This phone will work on most networks except for Verizon and Sprint. It would be nice if they would make a compatible version for those networks as well. So I tested the calls on a relative’s cell carrier and the phone calls were clear and the phone has decent connection and reception through the network. The battery is also ok with about 5 hours of talk time (could be a bit better here) and good standby time but of course that always varies depending on how it is used. Charging time was about 2 hours or so. The micro charging port is on the bottom of the phone. The speaker phone is decent and loud enough, although I don’t expect high end sound with my cell phone but this does come with a Yamaha speaker.

    This phone benchmarks solidly between a HTC One and a LG G3 brand phones. According to the benchmark test, the I4 surpasses 95 percent of phones on general performance, 60 percent on game performance and 50 percent on battery performance. That is not bad considering its price point and competition in the name brand realm.

    This is a nice looking phone with some subtle aesthetic changes to make it look even nicer than the I3. It looks and feels solid and well-made and performs pretty well in comparison to the name brands. I like this phone but I do have some things I am not a fan of including: no external memory storage, the one body design that doesn’t allow you to change the battery and the location of the sim card slot that requires a pin to open (which is on the top of the phone as a result of the one body design.) If you don’t mind the one body design, then performance wise this is a 5 star phone.

    Overall for me, I rate it 4 stars.

    I was provided a sample for review and I do not promise a good rating in return, nor am I affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon.


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  2. Joe Wood says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    [Update: video] Reminds me of the iPhone 4 – in a good way. Solid phone., February 28, 2015
    Joe Wood (Andover, MA United States) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Kata i4 – 5-inch IPS Super HD Octa Core 1.7GHz MTK6592 Unlocked Smartphone Android 4.4 (KitKat) 2GB RAM 3G WiFi 32GB Memory 16MP Back Camera 8MP Front Camera (Black) (Unlocked Phone)

    Customer Video Review Length:: 7:32 Mins

    [Update: I added a video. Please forgive the sound… the microphone picked up a lot of thumps and bumps I didn’t hear as I was making it, and then my kids came home, so… no second chances.]

    I received a free sample of the i4 for evaluation purposes, and I’m about a week into evaluating it. As soon as I can find a time to record a video without excessive interference from the two kids, two dogs, and two cats here, I will.

    However, I wanted to give a summary so far, which I can do despite the antics that currently surround me. I received the i4, the tempered glass screen protector, and a custom-fit leather case. I’ve included a photo of all three products in their boxes/cases.

    Inside the Kata i4 case, also pictured, is the i4, earbud headphones (which look a lot like older Apple ones), a USB cable and charger, a SIM tool, a user’s guide, and a warranty card. I think the warranty card is cool. Required? No. But I like it. Small touch, sure.

    The case, as shown, is a lime green (which looks and feels really nice) with a soft grey “webbed” interior and a sticker used to attach the phone. As a consequence of that sticker – which doesn’t leave a residue when removed (I repositioned it a couple of times) – the case is very slim – no side pieces, no back plate. It adds very little to the phone’s thickness.

    The oleophobic (“resists fingerprints”, or, technically, “oil fearing”) coating on the screen – pictured with the included alcohol prep pad and wiping cloth – does what it claims. Note that this is, as it says, glass. You’re basically getting a second glass screen to “take a bullet” for the primary one, should the phone’s screen get hit.

    The first thing I did was take out the phone, hold it, look at it, and then charge it. The charging image shows “fluid” in the battery image sloshing around – I like that. My initial impression of the phone, which remains, is that it has the right amount of “heft” – when I say in my title line that it reminds me of the iPhone 4, this is what I mean – to me, the 4 had an ideal density. It wasn’t *too* heavy, but it was heavy enough. Same here, although this is less dense than the iPhone 4. However, it still feels solid. Too many phones these days feel *too* light to me. This one feels solid.

    After it was charged, I added the accessories. PRO TIP (discovered *after* I put on the screen): before adding the glass screen, while it still has its backing on, get some painter’s tape (masking tape), place the screen protector exactly where you want it, and *firmly* tape one side (tape from top of the protector around the side pf the phone to the back of the phone) – it’ll end up “hinged” like a door. You basically get one shot to add that protector, and you want the alignment to be perfect. If you look closely at my “final” image, mine isn’t. It’s *close*, but… not perfect. By using the tape method, you’ve pre-placed it, then you remove the backing, then just close it up and it’ll be in the right place, then remove the tape. Obvious tip: make sure the screen is *clean* before you add the protector. NO dust. NO fuzz. NO prints. Pristine. Use the alcohol pad, let it dry, use the wiping cloth. Don’t do this in a dusty environment. Don’t do this outside. A clean room at NASA is best, but do what you can to perform this step in a clean area.

    When adding the case, the tape (i.e., no bracket) means you have to align it yourself. The speaker hole at the bottom of the back and the camera notch at the top are all you need.

    After a week of use, both accessories are working very well. The screen protector occasionally shows a slight area in the top right corner that suggests it’s coming up a bit, but a simple press makes it go away. Other than that, zero issues. No bubbles, no dust, and it’s a very smooth and fingerprint-resisting item. The case shows no sign of wear and feels good in the hand. The webbed interior has some grip and allows me to use it to prop the phone up in landscape mode and watch movies – I mention this ont he off chance that you’re the watching-movies-on-a-phone-while-it’s propped-up-by-the-case type.

    As far as the phone itself goes, I’m quite happy. I previously reviewed the Kata i3s, and while I really liked that phone as a $150 phone, I like this better and feel it’s worth the $250. Do I think the accessories are worth $50? No. I like them, but I think they’re…

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