Tested In-Depth: OnePlus One Android Smartphone

Tested In-Depth: OnePlus One Android Smartphone


  1. Rafael Saapunki says:

    should i buy the phone from ebay or a code from ebay???

  2. XTheGamingBossX says:

    +SGT_HAM Disagree, plenty of big and small reviewers who love the phone. I
    expect it’s just hard since they make a loss.

  3. Agtsmirnoff says:

    Has anyone checked this yet for spyware?

  4. One of the best Android smartphones we’ve used only costs $300. Here’s how
    OnePlus can get away with it.

  5. Nutrition Database says:

    too big

  6. 25:00 actually if you download Google launcher then OK GOOGLE WILL WORK

    I have a oneplus and it works for me

  7. I can see a lawsuit coming for that name. HTC One vs 1+ One

  8. Arto Pekkanen says:

    Damn that battery usage sucks, like with all other smartphones. My friend
    had Nokia E7 (an older communicator, Symbian OS) and it could run 4-6 days
    without charging, even when checking email every now and then (manually of
    course, otherwise 3G would drain battery for no good reason).

    I use my phone to check mail and IMs (Hangouts, Skype) only a few times a
    day, and that’s it. Have not found one damn smartphone that could last more
    than 3 days on idle. My Samsung Galaxy S2 (retrofitted with a 3200 MAh
    battery, Cyanogenmod as OS), can last 3 days with the usage described
    above. That’s just pathetic.

    Not to mention this phone, as well as just about any other smartphones
    these days, break easily if you drop them or if they get wet.

    There has to be some companies that still value battery life and
    durability. Any ideas where I could get a durable, very long battery life
    phone with IM software capabilities?

    PS. Actually I’ve been thinking of creating an IM proxy on my server, which
    would poll different IM networks and then send me a mail if somebody has
    sent a message. This would actually save battery since most IM software eat
    more battery (compared to syncing email) when they go online.

  9. Alex Espinoza says:

    Watching this on my iPhone 6 plus

  10. appleloveTK says:

    Finally got this phone, so far I love it.. I still think the whole invite
    thing is ridiculous, I don’t know If it’s to cut costs or what not but I
    can tell you I didn’t get an invite at all. I bought this almost new
    locally from classifieds (Kijiji)..

    They should really allow people to buy it normally, or just send invites
    through email rather than getting involved in forums etc.. I just find it
    kind of an annoyance.

  11. Designandrew says:

    It is ABSOLUTELY NOT a fair price at all (6:08). The shitty memory these
    companies put in phones is CHEAP. The difference between a 16GB chip and a
    64GB chip is NOTHING, literally cents or at most dollars ($2.00). They
    design the phones to take the maximum, so there’s no difference between
    putting a 16GB chip or a 64GB chip in the phone, other than you have to
    have two toolings for manufacturing. That does NOT translate to $50 more.
    Apple is the worst at this, but even google with it’s nexus range do the
    same thing. Why do you think they leave out SD card slots? It’s an absolute
    price gouger and people need to wake up to it!

  12. AffeAffelinTV says:

    if you pay 300$ on beats then you already missed something…

  13. Eipok Kruden says:

    $350 for an unlocked 64gb 5.5″ screen, 3gb RAM, etc…? Holy fucking hell.

    Y’know what… I don’t think I’ve spent enough on the App Store for that to
    really be a reason to not transition. I’d been thinking about moving over
    to Android for a while, but this is the first phone that really caught my

  14. Is it possible to remove the cyanogen mod off the One or no?

  15. VideoNOLA says:

    A few key points you glossed over:

    1. It is a “micro” SIM as you said
    2. No Band 12 (i.e. no 700MHz LTE)
    3. Yes, you can train it and activate “OK, Google”
    4. Easy to get 2 straight days’ battery life with moderate use
    5. Android L promised for this phone within 90 days of official release
    6. Notification LED is multicolor RGB
    7. Few phones available in U.S., but thousands out on Asian market

  16. Jeffrey van Zeijst says:

    Good review! But as for the music experience I found it one of the best!
    The build in sound fx equaliser works great and together with my 70$
    Urbanears Zinken their blowing any beats out of the water. The loudspeaker
    indeed gets distorted on higher volumes , but at least is loud enough to
    miss any notification in noicy environments unlike my former z2!. Overall
    this device is one of the best purchases someone could make when it comes
    to buying a android smartphone.

  17. DriveCancelled says:

    Wow my hands must be a lot bigger than Norm’s since I can easily hit the
    top of my Note 3’s screen. Never thought I have big hands. o_o

  18. jerrythegibbon says:

    I really want it but i dont have an invitation to get one 

  19. Blake Erban says:

    I know you guys are saying the G3’s 4k screen is useless because of the
    current video norms/standards but I can remember that being said about
    1080. Its really only a matter of time before everything is in 4k. Like you
    said, YouTube now supports 4k video…

  20. Cody Ward says:

    I need a new phone and have been holding out to see what comes out this
    Fall, this phone meets all my requirements, AND it’s super cheap! Now if
    only I could get one before I end up buying a different phone.

    What a poor business model.

  21. They are OEM like Foxcon?? 0:47 that guy just is seriously pedantic, not

  22. TheEnglishRedneck45 says:

    Stellar review. Thank you

  23. mistaflake says:

    Is it waterproof?

  24. Looks like a killer phone!
    So how does one get an invite??

  25. Jacob Dunn says:

    Can you get a mini-version of it?


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