Sharkk Titan HD E500 Smartphone Review powered by POSH

Sharkk Titan HD E500 Smartphone Review powered by POSH

Nokia E5-00 Unlocked GSM Phone

Realize a lot more solutions to keep in touch with associates, relatives, business contacts and everybody necessary using the Nokia E5-00 unlocked quad-band GSM cellphone. It offers all you need to keep in contact, with a range of email and message possibilities, whilst letting you take and share pics and vids (5 Megapixel camera), check out cyberspace, link up by means of social networks, get business as well as private email and even get around with thanks to the built-in GPS with cost-free Ovi Maps Navigation and spoken directions.

The E5 allows usage of social networks via the homescreen, making it possible to check out, make remarks, and update your current status as well as share photos on Twitter and Facebook.

Organizer applications such as calendar, to-do lists, notes, active notes, voice-recorder, calculator, alarm clock, and currency evaluator will make life easy, and your email appears on the cellphone instantaneously, so that you will not need to search for crucial mail.

It is 3G and WiFi endowed, and incorporates an Internet browser with the help of RSS updates. The relatively inexpensive Nokia E5 actually packs a complete QWERTY keyboard within its neat, attractive structure for simple and fast texting on the move. Take pleasure in your music in stereo (and also using Bluetooth) utilizing its capable audio/video player that’s got compatibility with MP3, WMA, and AAC/eAAC+ audio types plus MP4 and 3GPP video formats.

It offers a superior 5.5 hours of 3G talk time, and an incredible 705 hrs (29+ days) of stand by.


Customers voice the belief that the Symbian OS is definitely more dependable and also functions more quickly. And also they like that this has been created to integrate Facebook and Twitter along with several other social networking sites.

Clients are extra satisfied with the sat nav, feeling that the product pays for itself because of this, seeing that the navigation is free of charge for the lifetime of the phone. Additionally, it was claimed how the GPS calculates ones location a lot quicker than the E72. One tester performed a quick test and discovered that E5 took only 10 seconds whilst the E72 needed in excess of three minutes.

Buyers have a preference for the brand-new key pad, while it is very similar in dimensions and key distribution, it happens to be a lot more user friendly because of a better key structure and additionally the buttons are a little bit broader, and that is especially obvious while texting.

Other folks comment how the E5 seems very substantial and not as prone to damage; it was termed as sturdy.
Some other positive commentaries mention the E5’s ergonomics; its competitive price; as well as its extraordinary battery life. One person observed that the battery can last at the least a couple of days and that they have not had a cell phone with this kind of battery performance before. One other customer thinks that the cellphone is really customizable and perfect for multi tasking.


A number of end users say that after a somewhat short time that their specific E5 began to reboot by itself (and in 1 instance the smartphone broke down altogether).

One more recorded problem concerns the wrong battery charger getting sent out along with the device.

Various clients who had made use of prior variants of similar Nokia devices asserted that they thought that it’s not as robustly made. Some convey dislike for the actuality that this version is made up of considerably more plastic, is lighter weight and for that reason is considered to be less solid.

A handful of individuals report that they believe that the cpu is sluggish. By way of example, it was claimed that several computer animations lag and drop frames.

One person explained how the white-colored variant is problematic to work with at nighttime for the reason that the keyboard will not appear very clear which renders it challenging to use to text.

Reviews also point out that even though the new Ovi Maps is a wonderful sat nav resource it uses up the power fairly swiftly whenever utilized for a long time.

Fantastic for speedy texting as well as delivering outstanding voice calls, this Symbian-based Nokia E5-00 unlocked smartphone is based on the achievements of sister units like the Nokia E72 and Nokia E63. It combines top level business functionality which includes synchronization of contact details and email with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. It features many the social networks as well as leisure capabilities that fast paced men and women expect to have with a smart phone. Connect with everybody and locate all the things you will want with your Nokia E5.


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